Christi Dean, Therapeutic Masseuse in Santa Fe, NM

Physician and Physical Therapist Referred

Over the past several months, due to illness in my family, I have found myself getting more muscle tension, back pain, and joint pain in my shoulders. I was concerned that I was getting arthritis but my physician assured me that it was simply muscle tension. He suggested that massage therapy might help. My wifeʼs physical therapist, Sarah Cohen of New Mexico Sports and Fitness and Physical Therapy suggested Christi Monger/Dean as an excellent massage therapist. 

Sarah was so right! I had never had massage therapy and didnʼt know what kind of results to expect, but from my very first session with Christi I have experienced dramatic lessening of muscle tension and back and joint pain, as well as generally improved mobility. Improvement continues with every session. I strongly recommend Christi to anybody in need of massage therapy. 


William W.