Christi Dean, Therapeutic Masseuse in Santa Fe, NM

GN of Santa Fe, NM

I have been a client of Christi's for a number of years now.  I have always believed in, and enjoyed massage, and was drawn to Christi based on a recommendation from my wife who was originally her client.  She was very helpful to my wife who was recovering from a series of painful knee surgeries.  Christi helped her feel much better and that caused me to try her.

Over the past several years I have found Christi to be extremely professional and dedicated to her work.  She is always interested in improving her massage techniques and learning new skills.

For me, the best evaluation of a massage therapist is how you feel after the massage.  With Christi I always feel great!  I work out quite a bit and as I have gotten older it is harder to recover from workout sessions.  Christi is always able to work on those problem areas and it allows me to stay active.  She is an integral part of our "support system" and I would highly recommend her.