Christi Dean, Therapeutic Masseuse in Santa Fe, NM

Thanks! D.K., DDS

Christi Dean has been my masseuse for over 5 years. Her dedication to her craft and my health has been astounding! I suffered from a constant pain in my shoulder which made it hard for me to do my job or even push a grocery cart. Christi's care has allowed me to have a normal productive life by alleviating the chronic pain I have endured. I resoundingly recommend Christi's services! Thanks! D.K., DDS

LR of Santa Fe, NM

I have had weekly massage for the last 27 years. With no hint of 
hyperbole, I assert that Christi is the best THERAPIST in my
experience. If you hurt, call Christi. -LR

Physician and Physical Therapist Referred

Over the past several months, due to illness in my family, I have found myself getting more muscle tension, back pain, and joint pain in my shoulders. I was concerned that I was getting arthritis but my physician assured me that it was simply muscle tension. He suggested that massage therapy might help. My wifeʼs physical therapist, Sarah Cohen of New Mexico Sports and Fitness and Physical Therapy suggested Christi Monger/Dean as an excellent massage therapist. 

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Years of pain relieved in one session

thomTestimonialFor five years I had intermittent pain under my left ribcage. My doctor didn't know what to suggest. Christi did deep tissue work in that spot months ago and the pain is completely gone. What a relief!

—Thom Kiah

GN of Santa Fe, NM

I have been a client of Christi's for a number of years now.  I have always believed in, and enjoyed massage, and was drawn to Christi based on a recommendation from my wife who was originally her client.  She was very helpful to my wife who was recovering from a series of painful knee surgeries.  Christi helped her feel much better and that caused me to try her.

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