Christi Dean, Therapeutic Masseuse in Santa Fe, NM

Christi Dean

Christi Dean has been a State and National Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2003.  Christi's work is specific to injury rehabilitation and pain management.  Christi completed an internship at B and B Pain Therapy Clinic in Albuquerque New Mexico, and worked at Physical Therapy clinics and at Doctors offices in Santa Fe, NM. She was also a Top Therapist at Spa Simadi where she learned to incorporate a very profound healing and relaxing sense of touch. 


Christi now resides in private practice where she continues to receive referrals from physical therapists and doctors, and from clients who believe in non-surgical, non-invasive, alternative holistic therapies.  Christi is proud of the career she has partaken, allowing her to reflect on her own health, and that she is a service provider to the community in helping them to achieve a more optimal way of life in health, happiness and awareness.  She is compassionate, a motivator, a caregiver, also a Mother and Wife, and desires to see her community, city and state be a more healthy and happy population.  She believes massage is a component that can bring back so many values that allow our society to resonate a true aspect of health and beauty.  Christi is in continual pursuit of being an optimal therapist with continuing education courses, and is working on achieving a degree at the Santa Fe Community College in Exercise Science.