Christi Dean, Therapeutic Masseuse in Santa Fe, NM


HydroTherapy incorporates the use of water for treatment and pain relief.  Hot packs are used for chronic tension, pain and discomfort. Ice therapy is done when an immediate or acute injury has occurred in which hydrotherapy can assist in reducing swelling and inflammation.


Hot Packs- moist heat clay packs used for specific areas of tension in the cervical spine, thoracic or lumbar spine.  Moist heat is the BEST type of heat when relaxing tight muscles.  The moisture opens the pores and allows the heat to penetrate to the deeper layers of muscle.  Clay packs are submerged in a hydrocculator unit, full of 200 degree water, in order to gain their heat.  A pack will be wrapped in an insulated cover and layered on several towels before being applied, to ensure protection of the skin and to allow the pack to radiate and penetrate deep warmth. 

Ice Therapy-  cubes of ice are massaged until melted, in areas of inflammation and heat on the body.